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Protests held against British Queen's visit to Ireland

Republican Sinn Fein held a successful picket in the grounds of Belfast City Hall on June 27 in protest against the visit of the Commander-in-Chief of the British army, the Queen of England to the occupied Six Counties.

A spokesperson for Republican Sinn Féin who attended the protest said the organisation was happy to see there was opposition to not just the visit but to Martin McGuinness’s action in shaking the hand of the British Queen while her troops remain on Irish soil.

“While we are not surprised at the action of a British minister shaking the hand of his ultimate boss – the British queen, we have to condemn the action as McGuinness purports to speak for the Republican/nationalist people in the Occupied Six Counties.

“It is clear from the rioting at Broadway last night and the actions of the many on the Black Mountain, along with the protest today that McGuinness does NOT speak for all of the Republican/nationalist people.

“We congratulate those who had the courage to protest and tell the British queen she was not welcome as long as the Six Counties of Ulster remain under British rule.

“British troops, British police and British rule are not acceptable in Ireland, and never will be. So our message to the queen of England is: take yourself and your troops, police and administration out of Ulster and let the people of the 32-Counties run their own country.”

On June 26, a white-line picket, organised by Republican Sinn Féin, was held in Belcoo, Co Fermanagh in protest against the visit of the Queen of England to that county.

Provisionals are part and parcel of British administration in Ireland‏

In a statement on June 22 the President of Republican Sinn Féin, Des Dalton, said:
“The upcoming meeting of British Crown Minister Martin McGuinness with the Queen of England is merely a symbolic confirmation of the fact that the Provisionals are part and parcel of the British administration in Ireland. The reality of British Rule on the ground for nationalists has not changed with arbitrary arrest and internment without trial still used to secure British occupation.
“The continued internment of Martin Corey and Marian Price tells us much about the true nature of British rule in Ireland. The fact that nationalist communities in areas such as Lurgan and Craigavon are under siege from the British colonial police force, the RUC/PSNI, again underlines the colonial statelet which Martin McGuinness and the Provisionals are prepared to administer under instruction from their political masters in Westminster. The next step for the Provisionals will of course be to sit in the British parliament at Westminster. Their protestations to the contrary ring increasingly hollow.
“Irish Republicans will be opposing the visit of the Queen of England to the Six Counties just as we opposed her visit to the 26-County State last year. The state of which she is head by its continued occupation of Ireland denies “the right of the people of Ireland to the ownership of Ireland”. The only basis for a just and lasting settlement leading to a New Ireland is a British declaration of intent to withdraw which will create the space within which the people of All-Ireland can negotiate and debate the shape of a truly democratic Al-Ireland Republic.”


Queen of England not wanted here
Statement by Geraldine McNamara, National PRO of Republican Sinn Féin

The British queen is not welcome in the occupied six counties of Ireland no more than she was welcome in the twenty six counties by Republicans last year, Geraldine McNamara PRO of Republican Sinn Fein stated today.

This attempt to make the world believe that it is acceptable by the Irish people to have two divided states must be resisted and highlighted.

As we approach the centenary of the 1916 rising when Irishmen and women gave their lives for a united Ireland free from British rule Republican Sinn Féin will continue to totally oppose this visit and reject the ongoing normalisation policy by the British state to their occupation.

British occupation is not normal and never can be. Generations of Irish men and women have fought to remove British rule in Ireland and that struggle continues to this day.

The hidden Ireland of internment and oppression continues while the Stormont and Leinster house administrations attempt to portray their acceptability of England’s rule as normal.

One hundred years ago when a previous British monarch visited Ireland republicans stated that “we serve neither King nor Kaiser” today we state that “we serve neither Queen nor Chancellor”.

The media will no doubt attempt to portray this as a visit by a monarch to greet her subjects, in response we must take to the streets once more in opposition, we must make the international community aware that Ireland is still under foreign occupation and that we are subjects to foreign Queen.

We live by the Republic that was declared in 1916 and will live under no other law.

The fight for an Eire Nua will continue until all Irish people are citizens of one united Ireland free from any foreign occupation.

This visit will be opposed as vigorously as her last visit to Ireland. Details of protests will be published in the coming week.



Republican Sinn Féin to protest against visit of British Queen to Ireland

Statement from Comhairle Uladh (Ulster Executive)

A spokesperson for Comhairle Uladh, the Ulster Executive of Republican Sinn Féin, has said that Republican Sinn Féin will oppose the impending visit of the British Queen to Ireland. Speaking after details of her visit were confirmed for June 26th and 27th to Enniskillen and Belfast, Cáit Trainor said: “Republican Sinn Féin totally oppose this visit and reject the ongoing normalisation policy by the British state to their occupation. British occupation is not normal and never can be, generations of Irish men and women have fought to remove British rule in Ireland and that struggle continues to this day.”

Referring to the protests that took place in May 2011 when the British Queen visited Dublin, Kildare and Cork, Cáit continued: “This visit will be opposed as vigorously as her last visit to Ireland.” Details of planned protests by Republican Sinn Féin will be published next week and we call on all Irish Republicans to protest against the visit of the head of the British State and armed forces to any part of Ireland while Ireland remains occupied.

* * * * *

SINN FÉIN Poblachtach (Republican SINN FÉIN), the last remaining true Republican political party founded in 1905. Reformed in 1986 out of the walkout of the 86 Ard-Fheis by the true Republican leadership, who saw the failure of the new Provisional leaderships's decision to enter into a partitonist assembly of the 26 County Southern Free State. This one day would lead to a larger erosion of Republican principles, to the acceptance of entering a new Stormont and acceptance of British Partition. Republican Sinn Fein uphold the right of the Irish people to oppose continued British occupation in Ireland. We are dealing with state sponsored censorship and are continually demonized in the media, with harassment of our members carried out by the States "Political Police" on both sides of the British imposed Border.

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